Studio Sessions

I have studied music since I was 5 years old, and I've been recording professionally since before I could drive a car. The result of that hard work is a vast knowledge, and a healthy respect for the entire process of making amazing sounding audio recordings. From the first steps of writing a new song, to the second the master recordings are complete...I have an intimate knowledge of every step of the recording process...and I love helping people navigate what can easily seem like an insurmountable task.

In addition to doing live drum sessions at Populist Recording & Mastering, I am able to program incredibly lifelike drum performances, create layers of modern sounding rhythmic and melodic loops, and record a vast array of virtual instruments from my home studio. Do you want your music to compete with recordings of YOUR favorite artists? Then check out a few of my recommendations, and then contact me, so we can discuss how to get that done for you!

Dan is that rare breed of musician that not only has the chops, but GETS it. His ability to dig into what a song needs and execute it to perfection, while smiling nonetheless makes him an asset to any project. What a treat it is to work with him!!!” - Joe Dilillo (producer/engineer/songwriter/former owner of Solid Sound Recording Studio, Hoffman Estates, IL)