The Burying Kind

Thank you!

After three and a half wonderful years of creating music together, we are sorry to say that The Burying Kind has run its course.

From the very beginning, TBK’s music has managed to simultaneously evoke the feelings of both melancholy AND hope. Tonight, we’re experiencing a healthy dose of both as we officially close the book on the band. Yes, we are mourning the fact that The Burying Kind will no longer be active. But we are also filled with gratitude that we were able to create some powerful music that means the world to us. And we are optimistic that our music will continue to live on in the minds and lives of those who enjoy it.

We have been overwhelmed with both love and support from friends and fans from the moment The Burying Kind came to be. And so tonight our message to you is a simple one.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

-Scott-David & Dan


There is a unique place where hope is emerged in the darkest depth of melancholia. It’s a romantic and unlikely place where desperation and unrequited longing coexist with the joyful exuberance of sheer optimism. 

This is where you’ll find The Burying Kind. 

TBK is a shoegaze/alt-rock band with the uncanny ability to tap into complex human experiences, distill them down to their very essence, and then create music that comforts and heals in ways that words alone never could. 

Combining aspects of shoegaze, dream-pop, and darkwave music with more traditional guitar-driven alternative and pop rock, this two-man band from Chicago is not easily defined. However, their combination of shimmering guitars, tight musical arrangements, vulnerable lyrics, and memorable vocal melodies has a way of wrapping their listeners up inside a warm cocoon of nostalgia. And like a grilled cheese with tomato soup on a cold and dreary February afternoon, The Burying Kind releases the pressure valve of day to day life by delivering a dose of comfort directly to the soul. 

While the band is certainly inspired by the alternative dream pop bands of the 80’s/90’s, they actively embrace modern production techniques. This has led them to be compared to both modern and classic alternative rock bands including The National, Cocteau Twins, Tears For Fears, Drab Majesty, The Sundays, Slowdive, Editors, and Interpol. 

If you’re the kind of person who would rewind a sad song over and over, because the tinges of despair are sending delicious surges of pleasure throughout your entire being…it’s time for you to experience The Burying Kind.

Scott-David Allen & Dan Milligan: The Burying Kind


Tragic Airwaves

The Burying Kind

Set for release on 10/14/22, Tragic Airwaves is the first full-length album from The Burying Kind.

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Coming Through (maxi-single)

The Burying Kind

Released on 9/16/22, Coming Through is the first single from TBK's first full-length album, Tragic Airwaves. This maxi-single features the single version of Coming Through, 2 remixes, and one song that is exclusively available on this release.

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The music of The Burying Kind is powerful and strong, yet delicate and beautiful. Catchy hooks, memorable melodies, and haunting vocals will hang around in your head long after the songs have ended.” - Krissy Vanderwoude

Drowned In a Sea of Sound on DKFM (Shoegaze Radio)

A true masterwork of dark emotional beauty and textured imagery. This is an exciting synthesis of talent breaching new ground for both artists.” - Ken Magerman

Sounds and Shadows Magazine/Podcast

The entire album is an effortless blend of almost every -wave genre you could imagine, combined to build an initial outing that is wholly unique in sound and scope.” - Robert Rodgers

Migraine Robot Radio

The Burying Kind creates a mesmerizing sense of timelessness. If you find yourself longing for the past but also wondering about the future, this album is for you.” - Adrian Halo

ALTvenger Magazine

Although comparisons to notable names such as The National, Interpol or The Killers could be drawn, their music comes close to the sentiment of Ride or Strangelove. I can highly recommend the newcomers to the alternative rock music fans.” - Marija Buljeta

Founder, Director, CEO at ALTvenger Magazine

This record strikes an emotional & spiritual transcendent tone that is hard to put into actual correct English. A single word does come to mind though, goosebumps.” - Michael J. Carrasquillo

Industrial Island podcast/broadcast

Riding a hazy alt-rock wave and meshing it with Joy Division-esque vocals and sonic textures straight out of New Order and classic Depeche Mode, the band's sound is familiar but new. It's engaging and exciting, like a fresh retelling of a favorite and comfortable story.” - Brian Shamie

The Daily Herald

The shimmering atmospheres and dark harmonies of 'Blur' remind this writer of a merger of The Church and IKON during Michael Aliani’s tenure, the coda’s repetitions…almost pleading as the ambient synths, forceful drums, and radiant guitars build to a rather wonderful climax. The jangling guitar tones and saccharine progressions of 'Falling Over' and 'Horizons' evoke memories of Modern English or Simple Minds in their more brightly melancholic moments.” - Ilker Yücel

ReGen Magazine

The perfect blend of my two most beloved music genres- but I don't want to reduce it to just the terms ‘shoegaze’ and ‘goth.’ It's got a melancholy dark ache but without being over the top or in danger of being ‘cheesy.' I want to spin it, sing along to it, and dance to it!” - DJ Scary Lady Sarah

Legendary Chicago DJ and owner of American Gothic Productions

When I heard that Scott-David Allen (A Covenant of Thorns) and Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves) were working together, the first word that popped into my head was 'GIMME!' The Burying Kind is unlike anything from either band, yet exactly what I would expect from this pairing. I cannot wait to share TBK with our listeners!” - DJ AsuraSunil

Darkest Before Dawn Radio (KOOP)

I was expecting great music. What I was NOT expecting was to be absolutely transfixed for the entire time I was previewing this EP. And while I tend to play shorter songs, this track had me! It had me for seven whole minutes, and every time I listen to it, it grabs me and does not let me go. It is absolutely, hands down, the best song on what is an utterly transfixing EP.” - Pat 626

Subculture Shock Podcast

These five songs are the most poignant, and immensely important music I have heard in the last year. Scott-David Allen and Dan Milligan have produced a diamond forged from the expansive pressure induced by a global pandemic.” - Rick Gethin

Music In Motion



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