Drum Session Recommendations

From writing & tracking, to mixing & mastering...I understand, love and respect the entire process of making amazing sounding audio recordings. I have studied music since I was 5 years old, and recording professionally since before I could drive a car, so you could say that the recording studio is quite literally my home away from home!

The people listed below had a vision for their music, but they needed someone who understood the process to help them breathe new life and energy into their recordings, and turn that vision into a reality. If you're looking for the same, check out my demo reel below, and then contact me, so we can talk about how to make your next recordings the ones you've been waiting your whole life to make!

"Dan Milligan’s drumming remains a force to be reckoned with, his attack on the skins comparable to that exhibited by the likes of Martin Atkins or even John Bonham"

 -Ilker Yücel -ReGen Magazine

"Dan is that rare breed of musician that not only has the chops, but GETS it. His ability to dig into what a song needs and execute it to perfection, while smiling nonetheless makes him an asset to any project. What a treat it is to work with him!!!" 

-Joe Dilillo -producer/engineer/songwriter/former owner of Solid Sound Recording Studio, Hoffman Estates, IL

"I have collaborated with Dan on 9 albums since 2011. Principally I have hired Dan to play drums and percussion in the recording studio, but I have also taken advantage of his wide range of talents for song composition, loop synchronization, and production. On my records he has played Bukutsi, Spanish Flamenco, Irish Jig, jazz, reggae, and Indian-inspired styles, as well as standard pop and rock. His drumming is outstanding as he has been a serious, disciplined musician for 25+ years. I find his abilities to be creative, consistent, and diverse. He has demonstrated the skills to learn a song quickly, and then record it in one take. He is very dependable to be at the studio on-time and ready to perform. I cannot recommend him enough. For those willing to invest in high quality musicianship, Dan is the best choice." 

-Bill Acuña –Bill Acuña & The Despotic Hall of Fame

"Dan Milligan recorded drums for the album The Ex_Files by Aaron Williams and Michael C Hayes at Populist Studios in Wheaton, IL in 2017. Dan was directly in contact with us about details for the sessions when we hired him. He was prepared and executed both songs “Atmosphere” and “So Long” in a timely manner. Dan’s professionalism and talent were very appreciated and he added the exact vibe, dynamics, and creative input we needed for our tunes. Above all, his good attitude and positive nature is always key to a successful studio session A+" 

-Aaron Williams-The Aaron Williams Band and The Ex_Files (www.aaronwilliamsmusic.com)

“Dan Milligan is an incredible artist, musician and human being. He has the ability to transform a song into a story that you will never forget. I’ve hired Dan to play the drums on my original songs and not only did he do exactly what I asked him to do, he took it up a notch and added his own flair, as a great drummer should do. He also is one to emphasize the importance of making the song what it naturally should be. By that I mean, if the song should have more percussion, he can hear that and he will recommend it. If the song sounds better without the drums or another instrument, he will be the first to communicate that, as well. 

I always know when I send my originals to Dan that he will make them sound exactly how I hear them in my head. He is so in tune with each artist and most importantly, the music, that he feels every single beat from his soul. I feel so fortunate to work with him. I trust him and his musicianship so much that 2 weeks ago, we had a recording session in the studio and I was feeling ill. I had to leave, but I knew I could trust that Dan would lay his drum tracks perfectly. Trusting someone with your baby (your original song) is a huge deal. Putting an original out there is a very vulnerable act. 

I also want to mention that he is close to being perfect. He can lay his drum tracks down almost perfectly in one take. Hello, studio savings! I can genuinely say that any time I write an original or sing a cover, I hear Dan on the drums. He is just that good. He is a drummer that can’t be forgotten and he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend hiring him.” 

-Bridget Olejniczak, AKA Sunny B –solo artist

 “Dan Milligan is the total package –a multi-talented composer, producer/arranger, singer and drummer. A veritable music encyclopedia, Dan possesses a vast repository of musical knowledge, accessible for whatever is required in his present situation. Behind his kit, he provides rock-steady grooves in any style thrown at him. For me, as a bassist, there’s nothing more gratifying than being in lock-step with a solid player like Dan –both live and in the studio. And somehow he manages all of this with an ever-present smile, optimistic attitude, and love for being immersed in whatever is his current music of the moment. Prepared, professional, efficient and passionate…I always enjoy my time in the studio with Dan, and look forward to the release of his own compositions.” 

-Bobby Simons –The Billy Martin Band (www.reverbnation.com/BillyMartinBand or www.Facebook.com/BillyMartinBand)

“Dan Milligan is much more than a great drummer. He is a complete musician and a true visionary.” 

-Geoff Matson –solo artist

"I have worked with Dan in the studio on multiple occasions, as no matter what I throw him, he always exceeds my expectation. Anything from Folk Pop to Garage Rock. It truly doesn't matter. He brings life to everything he touches (or bangs on) and truly wants what's best for your music. I seriously have no idea where he keeps his catalogue of genres. The dude knows more about music than anyone I've ever met!" 

-Derek Boyke -SKYD