Drum Session Recommendations

From writing & tracking, to mixing & mastering...I understand, love and respect the entire process of making amazing sounding audio recordings. I have studied music since I was 5 years old, and recording professionally since before I could drive a car, so you could say that the recording studio is quite literally my home away from home!

The people listed below had a vision for their music, but they needed someone who understood the process to help them breathe new life and energy into their recordings, and turn that vision into a reality. If you're looking for the same, check out my demo reel below, and then contact me, so we can talk about how to make your next recordings the ones you've been waiting your whole life to make!

"What's the big deal? It's just a drum track." Is what you're thinking...but no...that's how Dan gets you. He's ultra polite, easy to work with, and the drums he sent were so good that they literally transformed the song. In that moment I was hooked and there was no turning back. What started as a simple experiment to hear another musician's take on my song became me hiring him to do more songs on the album I'm writing. He was super quick, fun to work with and the drumming...oh dear god, the drumming. 

Next thing I know my entire album sounds a hell of a lot better, I'm fully rejuvenated and looking forward to finishing the album. I have him listed as Drum Daddy in my contacts...I'm listening to these songs over and over again. It's an addiction and I can't stop. 

-Tion Bowman -Helvete, Inc (helveteinc.com)

"I have collaborated with Dan on 9 albums since 2011. Principally I have hired Dan to play drums and percussion in the recording studio, but I have also taken advantage of his wide range of talents for song composition, loop synchronization, and production. On my records he has played Bukutsi, Spanish Flamenco, Irish Jig, jazz, reggae, and Indian-inspired styles, as well as standard pop and rock. His drumming is outstanding as he has been a serious, disciplined musician for 25+ years. I find his abilities to be creative, consistent, and diverse. He has demonstrated the skills to learn a song quickly, and then record it in one take. He is very dependable to be at the studio on-time and ready to perform. I cannot recommend him enough. For those willing to invest in high quality musicianship, Dan is the best choice." 

-Bill Acuña –Bill Acuña & The Despotic Hall of Fame

"I am really speechless. The editor in me is grinning from ear to ear. Exceptional drumming. Great stems. Wonderful flourishes and straight-up badass percussion."

-Darryl Montgomery-Hell (Furnace records)

"Dan Milligan’s drumming remains a force to be reckoned with, his attack on the skins comparable to that exhibited by the likes of Martin Atkins or even John Bonham"

 -Ilker Yücel -ReGen Magazine (regenmag.com)