3/29/20: The Bootstomp Industrial show on Mixcloud features industrial, EBM, electro and darkwave music, and their latest show features 'A Blue Girl' by The Joy Thieves. Check it out HERE!

3/27/20: The Joy Thieves released a lyric video for our song The Badlander (featuring Chris Connelly)...check it out HERE!

3/20/20: Thanks to Emily May at Stitched Sound, who wrote up a bit about our new EP, "A Blue Girl." Check it out right HERE

​3/19/20: Thanks to Brian Shamie at Chicago Sound Check for showing Destroy and Dysfunction Masturbation from "A Blue Girl" some love on his latest playlist! Check out his entire playlist HERE!

3/19/20: Ken Magerman at Sounds and Shadows name checked The Joy Thieves, along with I Ya Toyah feat. Skold, ATTRITION, ELZ and the CULT, Caroline Blind, Klack, and more in his article titled, "Reasons to Strive In a Decaying World." 

3/19/20: Pete Woods at Ave Noctum reviewed "A Blue Girl" by The Joy Thieves today. "This is pumped up and pretty damn explosive, just what you need a slap round the chops to wake you up. Simmering down a little it bounces away with enthusiasm and gives you a good shake like a dog with a rag doll caught in its jaws. Catchy and taking reference from all the above and many other bands you can think of it still has its own unique twist and is short enough to make you want to go quickly back and hear it again." For the whole review, click HERE!

3/16/20: The Joy Thieves did a remix for a song called "The Imposter" by Adrian Halo: Machines With Human Skin. It was released today, and it is available right now on his bandcamp page. "The Imposter: The Remixes Vol 1" also includes the original version, and a remix by our friends, Dead Agent...and as of right now, you can name your price for it!

3/13/20: Our brand new EP is out NOW on Armalyte Industries! "A Blue Girl" is a 7-song EP of all new songs includes performances by members of Ministry, Stabbing Westward, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT (Official), Blue October, CHANT, Mary's Window, Nitzer Ebb, Pigface, Die Krupps, Skatenigs, and many more! Available now right HERE!

3/6/20:  The video for A Blue Girl by The Joy Thieves is premiering today at ReGen Magazine...check it out right HERE! Also, if you pre-order the new Joy Thieves EP, you get an immediate download of the song!

2/28/20: The video for "A Blue Girl" by The Joy Thieves comes out one week from today, and the EP comes out one week after that. However, thanks to ReGen Magazine, you can get a sneak peek TODAY! Click HERE and see what's comin' atcha!

2/22/20: ReGen Magazine is now officially on Spotify, and to celebrate they released their first playlist: "Staff Favorites of 2019." This Will Kill That appeared on the list, along side artists like KMFDM, 3TEETH, Test Dept, Front Line Assembly, Kanga, Celldweller, and more. Check it out HERE!​ 

2/21/20: Get the lowdown on our new EP release at ReGen Magazine...click HERE for the article!

2/21/20: Pre-sales for The Joy Thieves' new EP, A Blue Girl, have begun! The limited-edition CD digipack comes with a bonus track (a remix of our version of Cities In Dust, done by the one and only Julian Beeston of Nitzer Ebb, Cubanate, etc.) and 2 exclusive Joy Thieves vinyl stickers! Get your copy HERE!

2/1/20: The latest remix by The Joy Thieves is out, and it is a BANGER! This time, James Scott and I had our way with the Ravens song, "Like a Bomb"...and you can check out the result right HERE!

1/27/20: Better late than never....ReGen Magazine reviewed This Will Kill That (the first EP by The Joy Thieves) today...and it seems they just GET IT! Check it out right HERE

1/13/20: Today, ReGen Magazine took an in-depth look at Sleeping Partner; the latest musical release by Chris Connelly. They had some nice things to say about the album, including the two remixes I did for it...check it out right HERE

1/10/20: Riveting Music dropped a list of bands in 2019 that "captured" them, and it includes three Armalyte Industries bands: Cubanate, Der Prosector, and The Joy Thieves. (Along with bands such as KMFDM, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Rammstein, and more.) Check the whole list HERE!

12/26/19: The Chicago Music Guide released their "best of 2019" playlist, and This Will Kill That by The Joy Thieves found its way onto the list! Check out their "one hour, multi-genre music marathon" HERE!

12/20/19: Fresh off the heels of my appearnce on the Sounds and Shadows podcast, they released a list of their favorite albums of 2019...and The Joy Thieves' debut EP, This Will Kill That, made the cut! Click HERE to read the entire list!

12/19/19: Last week I had the chance to have a few drinks with Ken and Collin at Sounds & Shadows to talk about music, and we discussed everything from the humble beginnings of The Joy Thieves, to what newer bands/songs we've been diggin' lately. If you're a fan of podcasts, check this out HERE!