A Blue Girl by The Joy Thieves (CD)

Limited edition digipack, comes with bonus track and 2 exclusive Joy Thieves vinyl stickers.

This caustic, 7-song EP features a cast of dozens, including searing performances by members of Ministry, Pigface, Revolting Cosks, Marilyn Manson, 16VOLT, Mindfunk, Project .44, Stabbing Westward, Blue October, Skatenigs, CHANT, Lords of Acid, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Nitzer Ebb, and more.

Available on Armalyte Industries.

The Colors of the Night by Drownbeat

Two years after the release of their debut album, To Be Something More, Drownbeat is back with their second full-length album, The Colors of the Night.

From the haunting, atmospheric sounds of ambient guitars melding with lonely keyboards to the steady pulsing electro bass, fans of To Be Something More will recognize many of the elements that originally defined the Drownbeat sound…however, The Colors of the Night was intentionally crafted to be a much tighter album than its predecessor.

Written in a very short span of time, The Colors of the Night deals with searching for simplicity and order in a world that is constantly threatening to become too complex to handle. Accordingly, the music on the album constantly ebbs and flows between simplicity and chaos, at times looming large enough to drown out the words of the voclists. All of the songs on the new album are obviously connected lyrically and thematically, but they are also quite literally connected together, creating an album that was crafted to be enjoyed much more as a whole, as opposed to individual pieces.

Drownbeat was formed by Chicago-area producer Dan Milligan in 2014, and it features a rotating cast of some of Chicago’s finest musicians and vocalists. Drawing from influences such as Massive Attack, NIN, Digital Daggers, Depeche Mode and Crosses, Drownbeat’s sound is strongly anchored in moody electronic music; however, the frequent use of live instruments expands the sound beyond the realm of simple electronica. A listen through Drownbeat’s catalog reveals layers of subtler influences, such as Slowdive, Porcupine Tree, The The, Zero-7, and at times, Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd.

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There Is Light (single by Drownbeat)

Originally inspired by the 2017 Women's March in Washington DC, There Is Light was completed shortly after the recent events in Charlottesville. We are very proud of this song and everything it stands for...which is why we are giving it away for FREE!

There Is Light at BandCamp (free download!)