From aggressive dance floor bangers for <PIG>, Consolidated, Stoneburner, Skatenigs, and I Ya Toyah to more atmospheric works for Chris Connelly, DogTablet, A Covenant of Thorns, Blue Eyed Christ, Sapphira Vee, and Dance Loud...remixing the music of other artists is a passion of mine.

If you're looking for a unique reinterpretation of one of your songs, check out my recommendations, and then contact me. Let's talk about how I can help you breathe new life into your next single!

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A few days later I was stunned at what he had done. Without interfering with the completely nebulous, layered nature of the pieces, (‘Picassa’ & ‘The Sun Is A Maze’ from my forthcoming album ‘Sleeping Partner’) he brought a completely new dimension and drive to them, as if someone changed the lighting in a room strewn with artifacts and objects. Everything was still there, but the mood was enhanced, the shadows had changed, and the colours had deepened, and become more radiant. There was also more structure and space amongst the dense layers I had created. ” - Chris Connelly (solo artist/Ministry/Pigface/FiniTribe/Revolting Cocks/Acid Horse/Murder, Inc./The Damage Manual/Cocksure)