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“I have had the pleasure of contributing vocals to some of Dan’s music in recent history, so I was certainly familiar with his eclectic aesthetic, his need to make it muscular when the music called for muscular, the need to make it fluid when the music called for fluid, and of course, melody. His music is intuitive. I feel compelled and instinctive, as well as cerebral when faced with the pleasurable challenge of contributing. 

When he told me he wanted to do remixes for other artists, I said ‘Oh REALLY?? Well, have at it!!!’ And I handed him a couple of the most abstract, non linear, perfectly arrangement-free pieces I had composed in recent years. ‘Verses & choruses are for complete LOSERS!’ I sneered, and with a maniacal laugh I left him to it. 

A few days later I was stunned at what he had done. Without interfering with the completely nebulous, layered nature of the pieces, (‘Picassa’ & ‘The Sun Is A Maze’ from my forthcoming album ‘Sleeping Partner’) he brought a completely new dimension and drive to them, as if someone changed the lighting in a room strewn with artifacts and objects. Everything was still there, but the mood was enhanced, the shadows had changed, and the colours had deepened, and become more radiant. There was also more structure and space amongst the dense layers I had created. 

Clearly he has a head for this stuff, and he obviously LOVES a challenge. I look forward to challenging him again soon!” 

-Chris Connelly (solo artist/Fini Tribe/Revolting Cocks/Ministry/Pigface/Acid Horse/Murder, Inc./The Damage Manual/Cocksure) 

Remix available here



"Dan put the PIG song Confession into the mangler, squeezed and teased and the life out of it, boiled its blood down to its essence...infected and injected it into its new steel skinned body...the Confession remix was risen. Fitter, faster and fatter."  

-Raymond Watts (<PIG>, KMFDM

 Remix available oly on PIG's limited-edition, tour-only CD, Mobocracy. 



“Great bloke – responsive, and high-end studio work! I loved the remix he did for my band, DROWND! Highly recommended! Thank you, Dan Milligan!” 

-Joe Crudgington (DROWND

Remix available here



“Dan is beyond talented. His creative approach to sound design, stellar work ethic, passionate attitude, and high standards are only some of the great qualities he represents. It was a pleasure to have him on board for my remix project! He transformed an existing song into an amalgam of musical vibes, elevating the original track to the next level of awesomeness.” 

-Ania Tarnowska (I Ya Toyah

Remix available here



“I hit up mixmaster Dan Milligan of The Joy Thieves to turn one of my recent songs 'The Imposter' into something completely different than what I originally came up with. I’m actually not sure what I was expecting once he agreed to it…I just wanted to see what would happen! I did give him the option to say no, but I was also really hoping he would say yes. because I heard his mix for Drownd and thought, 'I gotta get me some of that! 

Given that my music is pretty heavily influenced by the 90s Chicago industrial/Wax Trax scene, I figured he would 'get' me, and I was right. He took my slightly-less-conventional, glitchy, snarly, unwieldy beast of a track and turned it into an industrial rock stomper. I’m a sucker for a huge, epic chorus in the veins of KMFDM/Sister Machine Gun/PIG and he latched right onto that and totally delivered. Forgive the pun but I’m overjoyed!” 

-Adrian Halo (Machines With Human Skin

Remix of "The Imposter" available here. Remix of "Alone" here.



"Having Death Pop Radio’s song 'Like a Bomb' remixed by Dan and James of The Joy Thieves was like giving the song a cooler older brother of itself. It's like an entirely new song which yields entirety new emotions. I always loved our version, but it is simply amazing what adding a few ears and minds to a song can do. 'Like a Bomb' got even more explosive! Thanks Dan and James, for giving 'Like A Bomb' a dose of your glorious selves. It is so appreciated and we can’t wait to share it, and even do a video for it.” 

​-Eric Liljehorn (Death Pop Radio

Remix available soon. Video here



“Dan was able to reimagine ‘Like a Bomb’ in a way that was completely unexpected and totally fresh. The drums sound explosive and the re-thought guitar sounds and entrances really provided some stellar dynamics. The re-arrangement of the outro vocals was nothing short of genius.” 

​-Dee J Nelson (Death Pop Radio)

Remix available soon. Video here


"Working with Dan was an absolute pleasure. There is something very intimate and vulnerable about handing off your work to be remixed. You are trusting in someone else's vision. Dan surpassed my greatest hopes and expectations. He is talented and imaginative. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough." 

-Scott-David Allen (A Covenant of Thorns). Remix available here.



"Dan Milligan is one of the best people I’ve met in a long time, and is ALSO one of the best remixers. He is an enthusiastic artistic collaborator, and that makes for the best results when remixing. He brings a fresh perspective and loads of musical talent to everything he works on. I feel very lucky any time I get to work with him." 

​-Ed Finkler/Funkatron (Dead Agent). Remix available here.



"Dan Milligan is a consummate professional. He's also one of the coolest, most talented people I've had the pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to our next collab."
-Ged Denton (Der Prosector, C-Tec). Remix available soon.