Drum track Information

Hello, and thank you for inquiring about my custom made drum tracks!
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Drum Track Information

When it comes to drum tracking, there are two ways we can go about the process: I can program the drums here in my home studio, or I can record them live at Populist Recording Studio. Each method has its advantages, which I will break down for you.

1. Custom Drum Programming
I have spent many years perfecting the ability to program EXTREMELY live sounding drum performances. I approach this exactly the way I would approach recording live in the studio…meaning that I can perfectly reproduce every aspect of one of my drum performances, including all of the fills and nuances that make a live performance feel truly “live.” 

The vast majority of people I work with prefer the work to be done this way…and here’s why. 

1. It is something I can do at any time of the day or night, right here in my home; and that means we don’t have to worry about scheduling (or paying for) time in the studio. So, while it may take a little more effort on my end, ultimately tracks seem to get done quicker this way, and therefore wind up costing less. 

2. You (or whoever is mixing the music) will have access to both audio and MIDI tracks for each individual drum, which proves to be *extremely* flexible in the mix stage. I can also send you a full stereo track of the entire drum performance, both with and without the EQ, compression, etc. that *I* think sound good. When all is said and done, you will have *everything* you could need to make the drums sound exactly like you want them to!  

3. Editing becomes extremely easy. If you love the entire performance except for one single drum fill….no problem. I can easily alter it, and resend the track back to you in a matter of minutes, as opposed to a matter of days. 

2. Recording Live at Populist Recording + Mastering
The other option is for me to book time at Populist Recording, and record the drums live! Since the recording is done at a studio, there are obviously more scheduling considerations, and the price will need to include the costs of the studio rental, which is $40/hour.

1. The most obvious advantage is that instead of merely "sounding" live, the performance IS live. Every live drum performance has its own quirks and personality...and many people really like that when it comes to the sound of the drums for their music.

2. I work VERY quickly in the studio. Most songs take me one single take, and I am more than happy to record another additional take, if you'd like more choices.