Audio Production & Mixing

The world of music production has always been one of changes, but this new post-COVID world of ours has rendered it almost unrecognizable.  As a reaction to these transformations, musicians from around the world are now recording their music in their own personal or home studios. Working at their own pace in a known and comfortable environment, and for minimal expense, makes this kind of recording perfect for most modern musicians. The next crucial steps are what many artists seem to forget: professional mixing and mastering. 

Many of the same musicians who are finding such great joy in recording their songs at home are finding nothing but frustration and disappointment as they attempt to mix and master them. In many cases, subpar mixes are turning their fresh and vital musical ideas into recordings that sound no better than the thousands of other home recordings that are released every single day. It’s a painful lesson, but if you try to mix your own music without having spent many years studying the arts of professional audio production, mixing, and mastering, your music WILL suffer. I think your music deserves better.

My company, Joy Thieves Productions, is actively embracing these massive changes in the world of music production by catering to the NEW needs of modern musicians. We specialize in high end audio production, including mixing/mastering/remixing services, supplemental instrumentation, drum editing, instrument programming, and more…all done remotely. 

Having trouble recreating that sound that's in your head? 
Looking to add additional instruments to your existing recordings? 
Do you want to make your virtual instruments sound more "real?" 
Does it feel like your songs are lacking some energy? 
Are you having trouble hearing all the instruments/vocals in your latest mix?

We have the answers you’re looking for. 

Joy Thieves Productions: the last link in your audio chain.

Check out some of our recommendations, and then contact me so we can have a chat about where you're at, where you want to go, and how I can help get you there!

Dan is beyond talented. His creative approach to sound design, stellar work ethic, passionate attitude, and high standards are only some of the great qualities he represents. ” - Ania Tarnowska (I Ya Toyah)